Waiters Revenge with the Bank Manager

The Bank manager could not reply to this one!

Bank Manager goes to a south Indian restaurant.
He asks the waiter – What have you got?
Waiter – Idly , vada, uppma, pongal, dosa , poori, parotta, naan, oothappam, idiyappam..
Banker – OK ok..bring idly, vada, and dosa. And 2 oothappam for parcel..
Waiter – Sorry sir…all sold out. Nothing is left.

Banker – Why then the hell you recited such a big menu ?
Waiter – Sir , I go to your ATM daily. After asking for PIN , Account details, Amount required , whether printed receipt required etc.,
It finally says ‘ ‘No Cash’…..

Now you know how it feels when that happens!!!!!

Here’s another South Indian joke for you to laugh.

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