Walking under the sea without an oxygen cylinder!

What do you do to walk under the sea?

The vast oceans and these vast spaces under the sea are areas which have been wonders to the human race for ages. Forget about the vast civilization beneath it, to tread over it is also an adventure in itself. But although humans have conquered various parts of the sea on top and bottom, still a large part of it remains unexplored. That’s 20000 leagues under the sea to be still conquered.

While exploring the ocean depths, we have used different kinds of equipment to establish our supremacy. With sea boats we have all been able to enter the ocean, but to go to its depth we require equipment’s like body gear, oxygen cylinders and other paraphernalia and out of all these, the main requirement is that of oxygen, as we cannot survive beneath the depths for more than a few minutes without it.

But, here is a Filipino diver from the Badjao tribe who does exactly that. He descends 20 meters (65 feet) to the sea floor for catching fish without any oxygen cylinder. Clinically, it’s at this level that the hearts slows down to 30 beats per minute while squeezing the lung to 1/3 of its initial volume. But this guy goes down the sea just like a regular land hunter, walks on the sea floors and catches fish with an iron rod. This superhuman can stay under the sea for over 5 mins without breathing. What an achievement. Watch him do it, but don’t try it yourself till you learn the art!

Credit: Panda

While this diver proves beyond doubt that anything is possible, it also shows us that grit and determination can help us create environments conducive to us. This diver does not have the fear that he will drown and knows exactly how to enter and exit the ocean. Whatever we do in our lives, we should also learn to know how to enter at the right time and similarly, also know how to exit under any circumstances and in a given situation. It will lead us to success.

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