Some more wonderful old childhood memories to cherish!!

Lovely Old Childhood Memories to cherish for Indians!

Sometimes old childhood memories in India fail to die. They keep nagging you once in a while. Whenever you hit the streets you find some or the other stuff that you have done during your childhood which you still yearn to do. Here’s a list of the old childhood memories to cherish and relive.

The thought of this fluffy round ball gets water in my mouth.

The sweet smell of sugar being woven into something something is like magic. From thin air so much sweet cotton appears and is taken up the vendor on a stick forming a ball. These fluffy balls commonly called candy floss is liked by children all over.

The thought of trying bicycles of adults would make one grow up!

Cycling on the fields
Dad would go to his office on a bicycle daily and I would yearn to ride it. So on early morning or on holidays, I would just take the bicycle on to the fields and try it. Well obviously my small legs wouldn’t reach the pedals and so would try the bicycle on a cross pedal system. Once done this would be a great achievement.

This hop skip and jump game was better than any high jump!

Jump over my fingers
Children love to play this game. Normally they do not find something over which they can jump. So they challenge. First the child is got to jump over one hand. Then again on top of two and so on till he is not able to jump any higher.

Paper Boats sailing on the flooded streets or drains!

Paper Boats
I still remember the rainy days when we had floods outside our houses. When water logged we couldn’t go outside and so sat down and made paper boats and let them float on the water. It felt lovely seeing these small boats conquer the flooded streets. Nowadays, we do not so much water logging, but tell a child about the paper boat and he sure to get excited.

I want to collect all kinds of coins!

Collecting Coins
A child gets pocket money sometimes in the way of incentives to perform a particular job or to eat something from outside once in a while. These old and new Indian coins adorn the pockets of all children. They love to collect these no matter how many extras they can get.

Gold spot was a great orange cold drink then!

Gold Spot
I still remember Gold Spot coming out with wonderful marketing schemes to get children to drink it. Sometimes it was small souvenir bottles and at other times Jungle Book comic series. Different characters of Jungle Book were hidden inside the bottle caps and one had to collect all the characters to get a copy of the Jungle Book comic. It was great fun to do so.

The game of the King, Minster, Thief and Police!

King, Minister, Thief and Police
These kind of games were quite common and children loved to play it. It didn’t require a lot of effort nor any money to start and play this cute game of Raja, Mantri, Chor and Sipahi.

Which animal or bird will fly first?

Game of who is flying

A group game which would let each and every one enjoy was this game of bird fly, pigeon fly, cow fly etc. Persons who would lift their hand on a wrong call would have to leave the game and go.

If only I could still play these wonderful games again which did not require any effort to start on, I would live another hundred years. So is the thought when we recall cute stuff which we have seen, exercised and executed during our early years.

Whatever, it is these small things which have mattered to us in our day to day lives and which now are only a dream, do really make us feel happy when we remember those lovely innocent days. I would love to live these old childhood memories again and again.

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