World Wrestling Championship With a Sumo Wrestler!

What would you have done if you were to fight a Sumo wrestler in a world wrestling championship?

Fighting for a World Wrestling championship is a crazy stuff, where men with power fight it out, but there are situations where few who do not possess such a masculine power and still challenge someone five time their size. You might have heard about the story of David fighting Goliath. A situation where all the odds are against David, but he triumphs in the end.

But 600lbs Sumo Vs. 169lbs MMA Fighter! This is something crazy!

Willingness, Ability and Desire are few things which we should all possess. When this young man of 169 lbs decided to wrestle a sumo wrestler of 690 lbs at the world wrestling title, everyone thought that this was the end of it. If this sumo just sat on the young man, he would get crushed. But this small man was determined to still fight. For over 4 minutes this man kept on running all around the rings dodging the wrestler and then got caught. He struggled hard to get out of the strong clutches and taught everyone not to be afraid of adverse situations. Watch him prove us all wrong!


Thus, we not only need to thank God for not putting us in such a position, but also need to ask God to provide us the courage and the will to live life with the true spirit of courage and determination. We also need to ask God to provide such courage to all those people who are in such a situation.

To do the impossible you must have the willingness to do it, the ability to do it and the desire to do it. The combination of all the three could be lethal even to the most daunting of opponents.


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