Wrong English Pronunciation Can Land You in a Quarry!

Wrong English pronunciation could land you in a quarry

When I am in a different country, where people do not understand English, I know I am on the wrong plateau. But in my own country when I visit a joint where people understand English and the menu reads a different dialect, I am really confused as to what to ask for. I try up all different kinds of combinations to let the person on the other side know what I am wanting, but alas, it’s a total failure.

So, what would you do, if you land up in such a situation and get confused to spell the menu as it is in a foreign language? Some of them are simply gibberish. These situations can be really weird and scary as then you cannot ask for what you want.

Learn how wrong English pronunciation could land you in a quarry in a restaurant. You will know never to try it out without knowing the language. Check out this video to understand how people can really get into a problem, get frustrated and call it off, but still land up paying for it.


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Now that you know what its like to be in a country with a different language, is it not time to start learning one. You can pick up German, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, Hindi or any other by way of which you can enjoy an edge over others. It’s not necessary that knowing one extra language could save your life, but it could certainly help you create an extra connection with a different culture and thereby bring the diverse cultures of the world closer to each other.

Thus, if by just knowing another language, you could make a difference to the world, why not do it now!

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